Saturday, August 06, 2005

Iraq vs Mexico

Have I ever mentioned how much Iraq and Mexico have in common. Either they have no sense of time or they just don’t care. We have spent count less hours waiting to move. Not waiting because there is some important business at hand, just waiting for them to figure out what time they want to go. I really think they need to work on their time management skills. Coming from a country that considers being on time one of there most important qualities of a employee, it is hard to handle.
The base keeps improving even if the rules are not. We have a small PX now. They sell mostly American items that you wouldn’t normally be able to get from one of the Iraqi shops. It is a little pricy there but it is nice to have it here. Some new Iraqi stores opened up today. Most of the old store owners were kicked off when we had a command change. The new command brought there own people with them. I am hoping that they have new items that are more original than the last group.