Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's been a while

Hello all,
It’s been a long time since I wrote last and I don’t really have an excuse. I have plenty of internet access here and time. I think once our command said they want to read our blogs that the idea of writing lessened. O well, I decided to try to catch you up with what is going on with me here. We are still doing the same mission that we started with and I am happy for that. I really don’t feel like moving! Living conditions here seem to keep improving. We have new shower trailers but that was quite a while ago. We live in a building and have pretty good room size. Honestly other than being away from everyone back home it isn’t bad here. For entertainment, we have people here that set up tournaments for us to compete in. So far there has been a volleyball, horse shoe, basketball, dodge ball, frisbee football, and ping pong tournaments. They have a lifting competition coming up and I plan on winning that one! They show movies at a little theater here. For the most part they are older movies but occasionally they show an new one (one that is still in the theater). Many of the times they sell pirated copies of movies that are still in the theater and they are really bad. Their will some guy in the theater with a camera recording the movie and you can here people in the crowed and people getting up. It is actually kinda funny. The chow hall food has leveled off. That is definitely not getting any better! It is actually hard to find something that isn’t covered with grease sometimes. I am hoping to get leave here in August. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see everyone! There is no exact date for me yet but I know it will be soon. I don’t want to say everything all in one shot. I will continue in the next entry.


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