Thursday, March 31, 2005

Just sitting here watching another movie. As soon as I get a few more dodge balls we are going to have some fun. I will video tape and send a couple home. I made a pinata for a guys birthday today. It was pretty funny. We brought a bunch of nonalcoholic beers from the chow hall and drank them as we watched him swing blind at the pinata. The pinata was made out of duct tape and it somewhat resembled a cat. The GYM keeps getting more equipment. A new company has moved in and decided to beef it up a little. I have been spending some time there...go figure. It is nice to have the free time that we have here. We are finding ways to entertain ourselves. On the 3rd of April, I have to move to a different building. I am pretty excited to move because we will have more space, but on the other hand I am not looking forward to moving all of our stuff. I wish I had more exciting new for you but that is all for now.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Same old stuff

Hello everyone, it is me again. There is not much new happening here. We are in a routine here and it is getting pretty dull. I really can’t complain though because we are at least safer than most people. I have an addition the list of stuff to send me...DVD-R’s. They come in handy for copying movies. The hodji here can’t seem to get them. They keep saying “tomorrow” or “I will talk to my brother tonight” or “soon”. They have no sense of time at all. Tomorrow my mean next week in hodji. It seems like I will be taking leave to come home on October 28 till November 15 or so. I am pretty excited although it is pretty far away. By the time I get to come home for leave I will be almost done here. We are thinking the we will only be here for a year, because after 12 months the government has to pay us an additional $1000 per month. Cheap ass! I hope my picture makes it on because I am using the military crappy computers here and they are really slow. I will write again soon.