Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas Vacation

I have not been able to keep up with my blog because I have been out in the field for about 16 days. Then, once we came out of the field we went on leave for Christmas. My leave started on the 24 of Dec and ends on the morning of the 2nd. We came in from the field a couple times but it was only to shower and do laundry. You appreciate what you have a lot more once you do not have it for a while. Just being in a heated building is great. I got a chance to see my wife for the second time since I have been married and that was wonderful. I also spent Christmas with the family and that was great too.
Training at Fort Dix has been challanging. The weather has been our biggest adversary. It is hard to train when you are out in the cold all of the time and don't get a chance to warm up. We have covered so much information in such a short period of time it is hard to become proficent at it. Our trainers said that we were one of the best groups to come through and had many good things to say about us. The only way to get better is to practice and we should get plenty of that once we get to Iraq. I should be able to keep up with my blog now that I am out of the field.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Great day to be in the Army

I almost feel bad for taking that goverments money for days like today. Then I remembered that they made me come here so they can kiss my.... Well today I really didn't do much. I helped load some of our equipment to go to Iraq. It was just some stuff that we didn't need here but want in Iraq. I also went to check on some pay issues, which are still unresolved. I was issued a 9mm hand gun today. I bet my brother is getting jealous about all the weapons I am getting to shoot. I bet he could blow the crap out of a deer with a 50 cal or a gernade launcher. Probably wouldn't be much left to eat. I went to the GYM for about an hour and that was just about the whole day. The army wouldn't be so bad if this was my typical day. Monday things will pick up when we go to the field. It will be cold and we will be very busy.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Slowing Down

Monday we qualified with our M16's. Qualifing consisted of a day time pop up range, NBC (with our masks on), and night fire. Mostly everybody qualified that went. I froze my butt off at the night fire. The night fire was just like shooting into the dark. The pop up targets had a very dull red light that flashed everyonce in a while. So we were basically shooting into the dark. The only thing that saved me was that every 3rd round was a tracer. The last couple days have been really slow for the team leaders. We have 203's and don't have to qualify with the same weapon systems as the rest of the team. The guys and I have been goofing off and making videos with our cameras. Just finding things to pass the time. I am looking forward to Christmas time, we should get a couple of days off. I just don't know what days yet. There are too many roomers around here to say. Well not much exciting to talk about.